Flexible Marula Hard Wax


This latest innovation in stripless (hard) wax line is guaranteed to impress you! Formulated with high quality synthetic resins, it offers consistent results and quality stability. Efficient on normal to the most stubborn coarse hairs, it maintains its gentleness on fragile and sensitive intimate areas such as men and women's bikini zones. More flexible than the other Reynard hard waxes, the Flexible Marula Hard wax maintains its suppleness for a long time in order to allow you to wax several areas simultaneously. 

The presence of Marula oil, known for its richness in antioxidants and fatty acids, gives it additional gentleness when it is applied on the skin. This richness is in perfect harmony with its sparkling look infused with lavender essential oil.

  • For men and women's bikini waxing
  • Enriched with Marula and Lavender essential oil
  • Gentle and flexible for intimate and fragile zones
  • Efficient on the most coarse and stubborn hair
  • Maintains its flexibility to allow for waxing multiple areas at the same time
  • Also available in 1 kg (2.2 lbs) or 454 g (1 lb) block formats