FAQ about waxing

Please contact our customer service and we will direct you to the nearest distributor in your area. 

It depends on the type of wax heater you are using. Make sure to check the wax temperature before starting a treatment. The wax temperature may also vary depending on the texture you like to work with and the area you are going to wax. For sugar wax or sugar paste, it is important to maintain the wax heater at the minimum in order to avoid overheating the sugar. For lukewarm strip wax and stripless hot wax, we recommend a creamier texture.

Reynard's Citrus Cleaner wax dissolves residues safely on wax heater, flooring, countertops, bedding and clothing. Place a few drops on the area to be cleaned and wipe. For a quick wax heater cleaning between clients, use Reynard's Pre and Post Depilatory Azulene oil. For clothing, dissolve the wax with the Citrus Cleaner, then hand wash the precise location with soap and warm water. Machine wash afterwards.

For sensitive and dehydrated skin, combine on a gauze a few drops of Reynard's Skin Care Lotion with a few drops of Reynard Azulene Oil. Clean, dry, and then proceed with waxing. It makes the skin less sensitive by making it more supple and reducing adherence of the wax on the skin.