Chocolate Decadence Hard Wax


Ultra flexible and gentle, this wax will enchant you with its creamy and sparkling texture and its decadent chocolate aroma. Formulated with high quality synthetic resins, it offers consistent results and quality stability. Efficient on normal to the most stubborn coarse hairs, it maintains its gentleness on fragile and sensitive intimate areas such as men and women's bikini zones. Of similar flexibility than the Flexible Marula Hard Wax, it allows you to wax several areas simultaneously. 

The presence of cocoa butter gives it extra gentleness upon skin application. Its sparkling dark chocolate appearance and enticing aroma will play tricks on your senses!

  • For men and women's bikini waxing
  • Enriched with cocoa butter and chocolate aroma
  • Gentle and flexible for intimate and fragile zones
  • Efficient on the most coarse and stubborn hair
  • Maintains its flexibility to allow for waxing multiple areas simultaneously