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This latest innovation in waxing strips is perfect! It has the particularity of having two distinct sides, a waterproof layer and a honeycombed layer.

The waterproof layer prevents the wax from seeping through the strip, allowing you to keep your hands clean throughout your waxing sessions. Being cleaner, you will be able to maximize the performance potential of each strip. Cleaner, more repetitions and less waste!

The honeycombed side ensures a better adherence of the wax to the hair. As such, traction on the skin is reduced as well as discomfort for your clients. A much more relaxing work session!

Additionally, the Waterproof Honeycombed Strip is flexible and perfect for contouring of the body, from articulations to the most sensitive areas. All purpose!

Finally, the Waterproof Honeycombed Strip is non-separating and will not shorten its work potential as it may happen with traditional pellon.

Available formats: 3"x 9" precut strips (100 units), 2.5" x 50 y, 2.5" x 100 y, 3" x 50 y, 3" x 100 y.

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