Firm Sugar Wax


Made of sugar, water and lemon, sugar paste is perfect for thick, normal and fine hair. Formulated with 100% natural ingredients, it suits all skin types including sensitive skin. The firmest of our sugar pastes, it is suitable for hot climates and moist skin and hands as well as body areas such as bikini and underarms. Silky with a natural fragrance, the firm sugar paste can be applied over large areas of the body. Besides, it is easily washable with water! Like all of our products, the firm sugar paste is the result of rigorous quality control for your constant satisfaction.

  • 100% natural ingredients: sugar, water and lemon
  • Suits all skin types, hair types and all body areas
  • Ideal for hot climates, moist skin, hands and body areas such as the bikini and underarms
  • Silky application and natural fragrance
  • Washable with water