Waterproof Honeycombed Strips


The latest innovation in depilatory waxing strips is our Waterproof Honeycombed Strips, offering you more efficient waxing sessions. 

Thanks to its waterproof layer, the wax will never seep through. This will prevent you from having sticky hands and you will be able to maximize the work potential of each strip.

The honeycombed side will offer you better adherence of the wax on the hair. Less painful traction on the skin; more relaxing sessions for you and your clients!

Made of flexible material, the Waterproof Honeycombed Strips will contour all the folds and curves of the body, from the most angular to the most sensitive.

As opposed to traditional pelon, the Waterproof Honeycombed Strips will not separate and will maintain their integrity during their entire usage.

  • Waterproof layer prevents the wax from seeping through
  • Honeycombed shape allows for better adherence of the wax to the hair
  • Flexible and perfect for contouring 
  • Non separating
  • Formats: Precut strips 3" x 9" (100 units), 2.5"x 50 y, 2.5"x 100 y, 3" x 50 y, 3" x 100 y.